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  • 15.5.2012     LG-Ericsson’s IPECS IP Communications Products Work Seamlessly in Interoperability Testing with babyTEL

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    IRVINE, CA, May 15, 2012 – LG-Ericsson USA ( announced today that the company’s comprehensive IP communications products performed flawlessly in SIP-trunking interoperability testing performed by babyTEL, and have been added to the Montreal-based babyTEL’s portfolio of communications products.

    “IP networking is being leveraged more and more to deliver economical broad-spectrum communications, so testing like this is critical” said Iain Kenney, LG-Ericsson USA’s Director of Product Marketing. “babyTEL’s testing showed that our IPECS-LIK pure IP communications solutions with LG-Ericsson’s flexible and comprehensive communications software, can be relied upon for business critical communication.”

    “We have high standards for our SIP-trunking solutions,” said Khaled Tewfik, babyTEL Vice President of Technology. “The goal is to provide our customers flexibility, efficiency and reliability, while lowering their overall costs. LG-Ericsson’s iPECS-LIK communications solutions worked flawlessly in our testing, and we are confident that they deliver on that promise to customers.”

    babyTEL is now able to take advantage of the integrated SIP Proxy Server on our Call Servers (50/100/300) and enable SIP functionality seamlessly and without any trunking licenses or additional expense. Our SIP Proxy server is fully integrated (no 3rd party appliances needed) and managed from a single GUI, enabling simplicity and driving the total cost of ownership lower while enhancing performance and taking advantage of SIP’s greatest features. What’s more babyTEL’s integrated T.38 adds faxing to SIP enabling an end to end fax origination and termination without the needs of deploying POTS lines or allocating DIDs on a PRI. LG-Ericsson’s iPECS has included T.38 functionality in its platform at no additional cost or licensing fee, and another significant differentiator in our platform.

    About LG-Ericsson USA
    Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., LG-Ericsson USA is a joint venture between LG-Ericsson and Accton Technology. LG-Ericsson USA provides solutions that keep information moving and connections strong for businesses; from the SMB to the Enterprise. Its robust products offer companies a critical combination of scalability, performance and innovative feature sets that eliminate barriers to the exchange of information. And, its outstanding passion for excellence and performance ensure a product line that leads the global market through innovation for the best in utility, reliability and usability.

    About babyTEL
    Headquartered in Montreal, and founded in 1991, babyTEL develops in-house, advanced telecommunication services for its VoIP “triple play” of voice, fax, and modem services over the Internet. babyTEL’s customized suite of services are delivered to residential and corporate customers in over 7,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada. babyTEL services include Cloud Business Phone, Home Phone, FoIP, and Electronic Fax and are offered through its agents and reseller partners in the U.S. and Canada. To meet challenging needs, babyTEL customizes and expands its Services using its own development resources. Our partners, end-users, and network-support teams benefit from the availability of in-house developers for effective and timely support.