Real-time T.38 fax – the only way to go – the rest is noise

Why store and forward when you can just FAX?  Forget the outdated store and forward solution. A T.38 direct connection means avoiding expensive stop-gap solutions that are plagued by additional failure points, false confirmations, or loss of direct page by page confirmation.


A real solution with REAL SECURITY.

babyTEL T.38 SIP Trunks are HIPAA and SOX compliant. Faxes are never stored on our servers and AES encryption of fax traffic means that anything you send is completely secure. PCI compliance further enhances security.

Pay only for Communications

Don’t pay for an inefficient work-around that requires a duplicate fax server when the real-time direct-connect fax solution works.

Compatible with leading fax servers

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T.38 SIP Trunks

Get all the benefits of T.38 SIP Trunks. Pay only for the minutes you use.

T.38 SIP Trunks$8.00


  • A T.38 SIP Trunk connection and fax number(s) for your fax server
  • Replaces expensive analog line and maintenance costs
  • Exceptional call completion results over Internet
  • Keep your existing fax numbers
  • Fax numbers available for locations across Canada and the USA
  • Low International Rates
  • Usage Charges: 2.6 ¢ / inbound minute; 2.6 ¢ / outbound minute* for Canada and U.S. faxing
Check our low international rates
* Excludes Alaska, Nunavut, NWT and Yukon
** Taxes, regulatory fees and other applicable charges are extra
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