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  • 02.1.2007     babyTEL Cracks U.S. VoIP Market

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    MONTREAL, February 1, 2007 – babyTEL, a leading Canadian provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service, is expanding into the United States market; offering retail customers freedom from both expensive traditional phone lines and big VoIP players with their service challenges.

    “We’re nimble. We’re customer focused. And we have a proven technology that our loyal Canadian customers love,” says Stephen Dorsey, babyTEL President and MIT engineering graduate. “Now we’re open for business in the U.S. supplying Americans with no hassle VoIP service, U.S. phone numbers and responsive tech support, something the so-called giants have trouble delivering. We know the key to success is serving, not alienating, the customer.”

    Beyond the boring “lowest price” mantra in the industry, babyTEL is about innovation and supplying customers with true VoIP benefits that traditional phone lines can’t deliver and big VoIP companies don’t deliver.

    Out of the gate, in addition to including all the expected features of a VoIP service, babyTEL is offering advanced services like fax-to-email and multiple devices that ring simultaneously. This “virtual extension” service is akin to extension lines in your home, but unrestricted by geography: they ring in your home, at your office or thousands of miles away on your laptop’s soft phone all at the same time.

    babyTEL will be continuously introducing other exciting advanced services that exploit VoIP throughout 2007 to further empower its users. All at a market competitive price beginning at $21.95 per month with unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada.

    The media is encouraged to go to the Internet and read what Canadian customers are saying about babyTEL. For starters,

    Customers can sign up online and have their phone delivered within two to five business days. Installation is easy.

    babyTEL is also known as a “provider of Providers” by supporting resellers and agents through its partner program with white label and branded VoIP services.