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  • 02.8.2007     babyTEL Brings Back 7-Digit Dialing

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    MONTREAL, February 8, 2007 – In a “Back to the Future” move, babyTEL, a leading provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service, has eliminated the need to dial the area code when calling people within the same area code.

    “This will resonate with Canadians,” says babyTEL President Stephen Dorsey. “The phone companies think they’ve trained us to the inevitability of tedious 10-digit dialing in our own area codes. Well, with today’s technology, it’s ridiculous and that’s why we’re offering 7-digit local calling to all Canadians.”

    Canadian 10-digit local calling was first introduced in Toronto in 2001. The concept has spread to cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area such as Kitchener-Waterloo.

    “babyTEL’s move is one small step for mankind – back to a simpler time when your fingers did a little less walking,” said independent telecom analyst Iain Grant of the Seaboard Group.

    Beyond 7-digit local calling, an added benefit for babyTEL customers is that they need only dial the last four digits when calling other babyTEL users in the same exchange.

    Also, “Back to the Future,” babyTEL provides the answer for the occasional fax. The user can relegate the fax machine to long-term storage and receive faxes as email attachments.

    Beyond the boring “lowest price” mantra in the industry, babyTEL is about innovation and supplying customers with true VoIP benefits that traditional phone lines can’t deliver and big VoIP companies don’t deliver such as multiple devices that ring simultaneously. This “virtual extension” service is akin to extension lines in your home, but unrestricted b y geography: they ring in your home, at your office or thousands of miles away on your laptop’s soft phone all at the same time.

    babyTEL, which recently expanded its service into the United States, will be continuously introducing other exciting advanced services that exploit VoIP technology throughout 2007 to further empower its users. All at market competitive prices between $10.95 and $29.95 per month in Canada, depending on the plan selected.

    babyTEL is also known as a “provider of Providers” by supporting resellers and agents through its partner program with white label and branded VoIP services.